Free Eye Check up session by Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

Vibgyor Marathalli Frames that literally deals with frames and lenses bring you a free eye check up session. It is important to get an eye check up done every 2-3 months and take good care of your eyes.

Vibgyor Marathalli Frames will be having an eye examination by our optometrist who will be testing your sight and also will check the health of your eyes and look for signs of general health problems.

Those suffering from any problem with your eyes or vision, our optometrist would need to know the symptoms and what medication you are taking. If you are suffering from headaches, or have any kind of strain on your eyes, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames would suggest you to carry your glasses or contact lenses.

A series of tests will be carried out to measure the type and extent of problem with your vision. Vibgyor Marathalli Frames would suggests  you to do some eye exercises before you visit us. Good muscle balance is particularly important if you use computers or read a lot.

Those visiting Vibgyor Marathalli Frames for the first time will have a complete detailed knowledge of their eyes and vision and any special requirements will be taken care of. Do not be afraid to ask any questions if you don’t understand anything. Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses are always there to help you out.

After your eye check up is completed, you will be advised when you should visit next. A prescription will be given for glasses or lenses and help will be provided to you in choosing the correct frames and lenses. Those looking for lenses, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses provide you various types of lenses available. The lenses that come with your Vibgyor Marathalli Frames specs are made from the highest quality. Even though they are affordable, we do not compromise on the quality.


Vibgyor Marathalli launches Anti reflective Lens

Eyes are the most precious gifts by god and play an imperative role in our lives. Having clear and better eyesight gives us a better view of this world. As glasses and lenses have become a necessity of our life, it is important to wear the correct pair of lens and glasses. Good eyesight is important for day-to-day activities like reading, driving, watching TV, etc. That’s why Vibgyor Marathalli is here to help you.

Vibgyor Marathallilaunches a new set of frames and lenses. The anti reflective lens helps to protect your eyes from UV rays. The anti- reflective coating helps to reduce eye strain and improves vision. Vibgyor Marathalli provides anti reflective coating which essentially eliminates direct reflection from light, giving you a sharper vision with less strain on eyes while reading, driving and doing other activities.

A variety of frames are being offered to you by Vibgyor Marathalli for your beautiful eyes and helps you seethe world through a better vision. The anti reflective coating reduces the extra brightness of lights which is reflected from the lens. Due to this you get better reflection by the lens which helps you provide better vision while driving at night and a better view while reading and using your laptop.

Our founder Kalyani Ram Mishra suggests not using any kind of lens cleaners containing harsh chemicals as it may cause damage to the anti-reflective coating. Also, the lens should be used without wetting them and avoid using a dry cloth on a dry lens since it may cause scratches on the lens.

The lenses and frames made at VibgyorMarathalli are made of the best quality you will ever find. We do not compromise on the quality and we can assure you on that. So get a clear vision now, and avoid unnecessary strain on your eyes.

Shades of Summer – VIBGYOR Marathahalli Glasses

Summer and shades, we think, is just as iconic as bread and marmalade. It just fits, and more importantly, it’s something that we need to save ourselves from this year’s torrential, unforgiving heat.

Why do we need sunglasses you ask? Sunglasses help us protect our eyes from harmful unwanted rays such as Ultraviolet rays, Blue-Light Protection and promote comfortable vision and help you adapt to darkness after prolonged exposure to light.

But that’s not what VIBGYOR Marathahalli is all about. Blending the best of optical benefits during summer-time with unparalleled style is what we do best. Our summer range of sunglasses, ‘Sizzling Summer’ features the best of design, aesthetics, comfort and protection that you need before the summer really starts playing the heat cards.

So what are these glares? How many types? What are they called? Well calm down. VIBGYOR Marathahalli is on a league of its own when it comes to designs. In fact, its as trendy as it gets. Variety obviously is what keeps us rolling and this time around, we got the whole package.

1 – Say hello to Avaitors. A VIBGYOR Marathahalli favourite, the large lenses were designed to block the sun from all angles (which is why they were worn by pilots back in the day. Put on a pair and give the maverick in you a treat this summer!

2 – Browline is a classic half thick-half none framed glasses. The thick frame appears on top of the browline (hence the name) and it was made famous by Col. Sanders. People have been in love with these unique frames ever since.

3 – Especially for the nerd in you, the thick-framed retro glares with the classic boxy shape is bound to evoke the studious you without compromising on style. An ideal accompaniment this summer.

4 – Adventure seekers, march ahead for its time for sport sunglasses. These glares are uniquely shaped with anti-glare and vision improving characteristics coupled with a very ergonomic design best during adventure sports. A big fan of adventurous activities? VIBGYOR Marathahalli is the place to get your perfect glare.

So why wait? Summer is all about getting your groove on and fight off the heat with your new cool avatar. Rush over to VIBGYOR Marathahalli and experience the best of style, comfort and protection.

Power foods to protect the eyes by Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

It may sound like a strange piece of advice coming from Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses that literally deal with frames and lenses to tell you to protect your eyes but we think it is important to protect the mirrors to your soul as best as you can. And we feel no compunctions if this blog means we have one less customer!

They say you are what you eat and eating the right kind of foods to ensure you have healthy eyes is the easiest way to avoid becoming a customer of Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses (of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot come to us to buy other kids of frames and lenses!).

As a kid, you may have hated finishing your vegetables or your greens but you must not skip on them now! And the best part about leafy greens? They not only take care of your eyes but also your overall health. Who would have thought that icky vegetables could pack such a punch?!

Next stop, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses thinks is protein – especially eggs. Apart from the benefits of having eggs for breakfast or before you hit the gym, eggs have the all important Vitamin A that ensures eye health. Time to crack them eggs.

We have heard Vitamin A is needed for healthy eyes. But Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses have just got to know that Vitamin C is equally essential to prevent future degeneration of your eyes. Oranges, berries, lemonades are thus not only refreshing; they are also refreshing for the eyes.

Again something which will help with your overall health and not just eye health is eating omega 3 also known as almonds, walnuts and pistachios. So those pesky skinned-almonds your mom keeps telling you about, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses suggest you start eating those, pronto.

Such simple things to ensure eye health! Go shopping now and ensure these items are listed in your checkout list.

Protect your eyes while swimming with Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

“Home is where the pool is.”

If you subscribe to this thought, then you are a swimming champ and love the thought of letting your stress and worries of the day dissolve into the “blue” waters of the swimming pool. Isn’t it a simply marvellous activity; one that not only helps you keep in shape but also helps boost your mental and emotional health?

Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses loves that you love swimming and are here to present to you our latest offering of swimming goggles that help to protect your eyes from the chlorine water and also help you to “see” underwater.

How many of us have played that game where our swimming instructor tosses a coin in the “deep” side of the pool and you have to dive and get it? How many of us have tried to open our eyes in the water but have immediately closed it because it stings too much? Do you know what you need to be able to do both these tasks well? Well all you need are Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses’ swimming goggles!

Now you can enjoy swimming in style! Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses are made of shatter-resistant safety lens with soft eye cups and a broad rubber strap. All this to ensure you have a comfortable wearing experience. The eye cups form like a vacuum around the eyes so that they don’t dislodge from your face when you are in the pool. Made from superior technology glass, the goggles provide clear vision even underwater.

We have a wide range of swimming goggles available. Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses have handcrafted the goggles based on the choices of our customers. There are special animated ones for children and chic, classy ones for adults. For the risqué, there are bold colours like red, yellow, green and electric blue.

Now don’t just swim…make a style statement with Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses!

Happy New Year from Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

To all the lovely people out there who have been so faithful and loyal to us – wishing you all a smashing new year! Here’s hoping that this year you may get chicer and more colourful with a change in your glasses by looking at the Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses’ new range.

While all us glass wearers love our frames and have carefully cultivated pairs and colours based on the different occasions they can be worn on, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses would like to use this new year opportunity to give you some useful tips to take care of your eyes.

They say eyes are the windows to our soul. So won’t you keep that window clean; just like you would keep that lens clean? Eating the right kinds of food are extremely important to take care of your eyes. Eating carrots, green leafy vegetables, eggs, citrus fruits, almonds, and fish can help you keep those windows as good as new.

Staring at a computer or laptop or TV screen for too long can make your eyes feeling dry and strained. No amount of hydration can protect your eyes but for wearing non-numbered glasses. Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses pioneers in creating glasses that are clear, non-numbered and comfortable to ensure a perfect viewing experience. It will prevent your eyes from feeling dry or strained and you will be able to work/view the screen for longer hours without it affecting your eyes adversely.

Another important thing to do is to exercise your eyes. There are numerous ones available that will help you retain healthy and robust eyes. Apart from this, avoid reading in dim lights as that will add a further strain to your eyes which will not be helpful.

It’s a new year so pledge to a new you. Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses hopes you have an adventurous year ahead with healthy and beautiful eyes.

Gift someone sight with Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

Gifting doesn’t require a reason or a season. But if a reason and season are added to the process, the whole thing can become rather stressful! It is the middle of the month – and if that fact made you do a double take, you are clearly late in your gift purchasing or are running out of ideas! Be it a secret Santa gift that you need to purchase for an office colleague or a Christmas gift for family and friends, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses is here to the rescue!

Chocolates, stuff toys, candles, flowers, jewellery…yawn! While these may be considered as “classic gifts,” they lack imagination. And sometimes, you just want an opportunity to surprise your near and dear ones with a gift that will blow their minds. It is not easy however to come up with a gift like that.

And yet, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses provide you with a unique gifting opportunity that can do the job of ‘amazing’ your near and dear ones with its ingenuity. This amazing gift is that of sight; why not gift sight to them? It doesn’t have to be numbered glasses. We have a lovely collection of shades that you can choose from as well. We have specialized collection for men, women and children.

The best part of choosing your gifts from Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses is the uniqueness and the craftsmanship that goes into painstakingly designing and manufacturing the frames and lenses. They are not the run of the mill variety that you see in stores these days. Choose from a large range of different types of frames. In case you need numbered lenses that is also possible. Just let us know and we will do the needful for you.

Don’t just gift an object to your loved ones this holiday season. With Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses you can now gift them vision.