Happy New Year from Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

To all the lovely people out there who have been so faithful and loyal to us – wishing you all a smashing new year! Here’s hoping that this year you may get chicer and more colourful with a change in your glasses by looking at the Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses’ new range.

While all us glass wearers love our frames and have carefully cultivated pairs and colours based on the different occasions they can be worn on, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses would like to use this new year opportunity to give you some useful tips to take care of your eyes.

They say eyes are the windows to our soul. So won’t you keep that window clean; just like you would keep that lens clean? Eating the right kinds of food are extremely important to take care of your eyes. Eating carrots, green leafy vegetables, eggs, citrus fruits, almonds, and fish can help you keep those windows as good as new.

Staring at a computer or laptop or TV screen for too long can make your eyes feeling dry and strained. No amount of hydration can protect your eyes but for wearing non-numbered glasses. Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses pioneers in creating glasses that are clear, non-numbered and comfortable to ensure a perfect viewing experience. It will prevent your eyes from feeling dry or strained and you will be able to work/view the screen for longer hours without it affecting your eyes adversely.

Another important thing to do is to exercise your eyes. There are numerous ones available that will help you retain healthy and robust eyes. Apart from this, avoid reading in dim lights as that will add a further strain to your eyes which will not be helpful.

It’s a new year so pledge to a new you. Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses hopes you have an adventurous year ahead with healthy and beautiful eyes.