Power foods to protect the eyes by Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

It may sound like a strange piece of advice coming from Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses that literally deal with frames and lenses to tell you to protect your eyes but we think it is important to protect the mirrors to your soul as best as you can. And we feel no compunctions if this blog means we have one less customer!

They say you are what you eat and eating the right kind of foods to ensure you have healthy eyes is the easiest way to avoid becoming a customer of Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses (of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot come to us to buy other kids of frames and lenses!).

As a kid, you may have hated finishing your vegetables or your greens but you must not skip on them now! And the best part about leafy greens? They not only take care of your eyes but also your overall health. Who would have thought that icky vegetables could pack such a punch?!

Next stop, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses thinks is protein – especially eggs. Apart from the benefits of having eggs for breakfast or before you hit the gym, eggs have the all important Vitamin A that ensures eye health. Time to crack them eggs.

We have heard Vitamin A is needed for healthy eyes. But Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses have just got to know that Vitamin C is equally essential to prevent future degeneration of your eyes. Oranges, berries, lemonades are thus not only refreshing; they are also refreshing for the eyes.

Again something which will help with your overall health and not just eye health is eating omega 3 also known as almonds, walnuts and pistachios. So those pesky skinned-almonds your mom keeps telling you about, Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses suggest you start eating those, pronto.

Such simple things to ensure eye health! Go shopping now and ensure these items are listed in your checkout list.