Shades of Summer – VIBGYOR Marathahalli Glasses

Summer and shades, we think, is just as iconic as bread and marmalade. It just fits, and more importantly, it’s something that we need to save ourselves from this year’s torrential, unforgiving heat.

Why do we need sunglasses you ask? Sunglasses help us protect our eyes from harmful unwanted rays such as Ultraviolet rays, Blue-Light Protection and promote comfortable vision and help you adapt to darkness after prolonged exposure to light.

But that’s not what VIBGYOR Marathahalli is all about. Blending the best of optical benefits during summer-time with unparalleled style is what we do best. Our summer range of sunglasses, ‘Sizzling Summer’ features the best of design, aesthetics, comfort and protection that you need before the summer really starts playing the heat cards.

So what are these glares? How many types? What are they called? Well calm down. VIBGYOR Marathahalli is on a league of its own when it comes to designs. In fact, its as trendy as it gets. Variety obviously is what keeps us rolling and this time around, we got the whole package.

1 – Say hello to Avaitors. A VIBGYOR Marathahalli favourite, the large lenses were designed to block the sun from all angles (which is why they were worn by pilots back in the day. Put on a pair and give the maverick in you a treat this summer!

2 – Browline is a classic half thick-half none framed glasses. The thick frame appears on top of the browline (hence the name) and it was made famous by Col. Sanders. People have been in love with these unique frames ever since.

3 – Especially for the nerd in you, the thick-framed retro glares with the classic boxy shape is bound to evoke the studious you without compromising on style. An ideal accompaniment this summer.

4 – Adventure seekers, march ahead for its time for sport sunglasses. These glares are uniquely shaped with anti-glare and vision improving characteristics coupled with a very ergonomic design best during adventure sports. A big fan of adventurous activities? VIBGYOR Marathahalli is the place to get your perfect glare.

So why wait? Summer is all about getting your groove on and fight off the heat with your new cool avatar. Rush over to VIBGYOR Marathahalli and experience the best of style, comfort and protection.