Vibgyor Marathalli launches Anti reflective Lens

Eyes are the most precious gifts by god and play an imperative role in our lives. Having clear and better eyesight gives us a better view of this world. As glasses and lenses have become a necessity of our life, it is important to wear the correct pair of lens and glasses. Good eyesight is important for day-to-day activities like reading, driving, watching TV, etc. That’s why Vibgyor Marathalli is here to help you.

Vibgyor Marathallilaunches a new set of frames and lenses. The anti reflective lens helps to protect your eyes from UV rays. The anti- reflective coating helps to reduce eye strain and improves vision. Vibgyor Marathalli provides anti reflective coating which essentially eliminates direct reflection from light, giving you a sharper vision with less strain on eyes while reading, driving and doing other activities.

A variety of frames are being offered to you by Vibgyor Marathalli for your beautiful eyes and helps you seethe world through a better vision. The anti reflective coating reduces the extra brightness of lights which is reflected from the lens. Due to this you get better reflection by the lens which helps you provide better vision while driving at night and a better view while reading and using your laptop.

Our founder Kalyani Ram Mishra suggests not using any kind of lens cleaners containing harsh chemicals as it may cause damage to the anti-reflective coating. Also, the lens should be used without wetting them and avoid using a dry cloth on a dry lens since it may cause scratches on the lens.

The lenses and frames made at VibgyorMarathalli are made of the best quality you will ever find. We do not compromise on the quality and we can assure you on that. So get a clear vision now, and avoid unnecessary strain on your eyes.